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Search API 2.0

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Data update: 02/13/2024

The Search API is updated to contain data through 12/31/2023.

Publication Endpoints

Two new endpoints have been added.

  • /api/v1/publication : containting pregrant publication data
  • /api/v1/publication/rel_app_text: containing related application data for pregrant publications

See Search API Reference for field list reference

Documentation and User Resources

The API Development team has developed a few resources for better communicating changes and updates relating to the Search API to users:

  • Search API Reference contains the full Search API specification. This supersedes any information on the previous version
  • A "service" status page to keep users informed of the status of various tools
  • This page where updates to the Search API will be shared with users.

The users are, of course, always welcome to reach out via the PatentsView Help Center

Bug Fixes

_contains operator

Previously, the "_contains" operator

  • resulted in 500 server error if a list is supplied as the value.
  • produced incorrect results when the supplied value contained whitespaces.

This has been fixed and as a result of the fix the "contains" operator will now:

  • correctly account for spaces in the operator argument
  • permit lists as arguments (listed arguments will use "or" logic)

Other developer notes

  • What's with v2.0?

    • Internally, the PatentsView team referred to the release that included pre-grant publications as v2.0 and the name stuck.
  • Does that mean the url will change?

    • No. We intend to keep the /api/v1 part of the API endpoint URLs as it stands.
  • What is happening with text data?

    • Because of its size, the long text data posed some challenges when integrating with the Search API. We are working to resolve those issues, and expect that text data will be available via the Search API within the next few releases.